Lighting - Copper style

We love light, but we struggled to find something that we really wanted to have on our desks, so we've created a number of alternative desk lights to bring the lovely stuff onto your desk.

Each of these is made from pure reclaimed copper with reclaimed oak floorboards and reclaimed leather on the base.  Each design is different and one off, you won't find these anywhere else!

Each stand is different, but the one way we tie them together is through the use of LEDs, ultra low energy LEDs that still give off a bright white light and use a small amount of energy.

Please note that our 'Free Postage' only applies within the UK. If you are outside of the UK, please contact us for postage costs to your location.

The Bullhorns

A hand crafted light with two bullhorns within that harness a 1 watt LED in each. The inside of each bullhorn contains a further tube which prevents the LED from making the tubing too hot.

Bright and efficient, the bullhorns are modelled in a similar way to the iPhone Bullhorns stand.

Hidden in the base of the stand is the on/off switch.

Dimensions: 16cm deep, 16cm wide and 49cm tall.

Price: £79 - free postage

Organic Light.

Why Organic, well from the curve of the copper, we think this has an altogether flowing, organic feel to it. Coupled with the reclaimed oak flooring making up the base in a teardrop shape and you might agree with the name, 'Organic'.

Made from 8mm copper tubing, curved and intertwined with each other. Each arm has it's own 1w LED bonded to the end giving a total of 4w of power, similar to a 40w incandescent lamp. There is a small push switch hidden under the leather in the middle of the base to turn the light on and off.

The 'Organic' is USB ready, meaning that you can plug it into any USB power source such as an iPod/iPhone charger etc. Whilst you could plug it into a computer, we do NOT advise that because of the power draw it would create on the computer,
so don't do that !.
Dimensions: 16cm deep, 16cm wide and 49cm tall.

Price: SOLD - please contact us for a custom order