Watch Stands

We think that your pride and joy of the technology world needs to be presented appropriately so we have designed and created a variety of stands to make them really shine.

Choose from pure reclaimed copper and leather or the more hi-tec carbon fibre or a combination of all of these.

Each stand is different, unique and functional as the will allow you to display your tech, charge and sync your tech and in some cases, allow you to listen to your tech at the same time.

Please note that our 'Free Postage' only applies within the UK. If you are outside of the UK, please contact us for postage costs to your location.

Carbon Fibre Watch Stand.

These are quite different from the normal watch stands out there, crafted from carbon fibre, laser cut wood and resins, these are quite 'organic' in shape, interconnected by geometric shapes.

The carbon fibre is used to create a twisting, turning pair of arms that grow out of the hexagonal base and up to provide two points where you can 'hang' your watch.

If you have two or even three watches, you can get a stand to hold all of them, quite the talking point.

Dimensions: 19cm deep, 28cm wide and 25cm tall.

Please select the number of watches below all with free postage

Number of Watches

Reclaimed Copper Watch Stand.

A hand crafted stand made from reclaimed copper 8mm tubing along with a laser cut wooden base. These provide a great mix of traditional and modern techniques to create a subtle yet very capable watch stand.

Crafted out of reclaimed copper piping which is twisted into shape and then hand burnished and lacquered to seal in the finish. The base is made from laser cut hexagonal wood, painted black, with a domed hard top and soft red base.

Dimensions: 11cm deep, 10cm wide and 20cm tall.

Price: Two Watch Stand - £39 with free postage